Road Infrastructure, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: The Philippine Case

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Mar 7, 2010 — Neil Boyle

Economic Impact Study Philippines March 2010 This paper is authored by Dr. Ramon L. Clarete and Arlan I. Brucal.  Dr. Clarete is a Professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics  and is profiled in the "About INFRAGOV LLC and SERVICES" posting on this website.  Mr. Brucal is an economic ...

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Pricing the Deal as a Quadruple Trade-off

Nov 21, 2009 — Neil Boyle

The pricing of deals is often a two dimensional (finance on technical) trade-off between price and a series of financial and technical considerations. Because these considerations are geared toward securing project revenue streams (cash flows) for the comfort of creditors, finance issues tend to dominate the contracting action. Securing lender comfort ...

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